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Wesleys International is dedicated to feed, rescue, and foster
abondoned children regardless of their caste, color and nationality.

Partnering to find solutions to today’s most pressing challenges, working to secure the well-being of all children and youth.


ND’s Story

ND is 17years old now and doing very well in 12th grade. Life first began to improve for him when he came to the feeding shelter for a plate of food. His main motivation to come each day was for warmth and the feeling of safety he found there.
This daily routine of his to visit the feeding shelter continued for a few months. His soft attitude and an interest in studying effectively found him a way to get out of the street as, after a while, he decided to leave his street life and move into the group home.
That is where his life really began to be transformed and, eventually, he found a family who would raise him just as if he was their own son. It was a long journey of 11 years for him but he never gave up the hope of improving his life, of being good and of doing well.
After completing his 10th grade he went in search of his family and successfully found them. It was not a completely happy reunion though but rather a bittersweet time of reconciliation. However, ND was strong emotionally by then and was well able to handle anything that came his way.

Choclate Boy

Danzel’s elder brother and other friends brought my “chocolate kid” as I affectionately call him, to our feeding shelter for food. He did not have the necessary survival skills such as begging and, as a result, he went hungry for days until they discovered our feeding shelter. He rarely smiled and did not trust anyone at first. He seemed to be a hopeless case because he was so uncommunicative but his great silence ended after a week and he began to speak. It became easy for him to open up and communicate with us when he realized he was in a safe environment with people he could trust. This is one of the highest goals of our rescue home. Here, he was fed well, kept clean and was given enough rest. He had lived in the street for many years and was suffering from malnutrition.
We asked him if he wanted to go to school but to our surprise he told us he would rather sell bananas than go to school.  So, we began to teach him maths, telling him that was the only way he could sell bananas and make a profit. To cut a long story short, he started to attend school and very soon began to enjoy learning new things. Soon he was able to read and write and, of equal importance, to smile! It was a great joy for us to see a child being rescued from ruin and beginning to thrive as he flourished in a loving environment. Today he is a very confident, happy boy.
He never talks about his family but we know that he has a brother who is still living in the street and parents who are beggars. We hope the family will be reconciled back together one day but there is a lot of work to be done before this would be possible. The majority of children living in the streets come from broken families and have suffered or witnessed severe domestic violence. Only a very small percentage of them are actually runaway children. In other words most are abandoned or rejected and have  nowhere to go but to the street. Therefore, we are gradually developing preventative programs for the safety and welfare of the children.


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