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It all began one cold winter morning in 1998 as I was walking to my office. I saw two little kids in front of me, barefoot, dirty and carrying a huge black plastic bag. My first thought as I recall was, “why are they not in school, why are they not wearing any footwear?” Well it was natural for me to think like that because I had never seen a street kid in my life until that day. We walked for a few minutes together and then they turned to go to the garbage dump by the roadside. I had no clue what was happening and that is all that I  remember.

When I reached the office, my boss said, “Why are you crying?” I had no answer for his question but throughout the whole day I felt so much love for those kids and  continued to cry. That same day, God told me to go to the nearby market place so, after work, I packed my bag with gospel tracts and comic books as usual, and left in the direction God told me to go. As I came near to where God had directed me 6 boys came running toward me and asked for food. This was my first encounter with them and I was shocked because I had walked that road for 5 years and never had anyone begged from me and never had I seen a kid begging either. After a usual “hi hello”, I took them to a nearby restaurant, fed them and gave them gospel tracts and comic books.

The next day they took me to where they lived. I was shocked to discover such a thing as street living. It was like living on a dumping site. I began to visit regularly but then I got married in 1999 but still continued to love them. Today those boys are educated, married and have wives and children of their own. Above all, they all love God and are teaching and raising their children in the love and fear of Him.

The rest of the story: In 2002, I connected with Diane Bell from the UK, who is now the UK Representative of Wesley’s International. Diane also had a very similar vision to provide foster families for abandoned children  living on the streets. She is now retired but has a  professional background of working as a fostering officer for Social Care in West Yorkshire in England. Then in 2016, I connected with Joshua Daniel who now serves as Asia Director for Wesleys International. His invaluable experience of living in the street himself stirred up a passion within him to help children, in action more than words.

Meet Our Board Members

USA Side

Robert David Wesley

Robert David Wesley is our vice President at Wesleys International. He is a Charis Bible Collage graduate and has earned his associate degree in Architectural Engineering in 1981 from ITT technical institute. When he was working, God told him to serve Him so he left his job and joined mission. He grew up without a father so he was determined to help children without fathers and he never missed a heartbeat. He is married to Dawa Sangmu and has worked in mission field since 1985. His contribution to Wesleys international is priceless and has given his life to be a role model and a father figure to many children who do not have fathers.

Eric Wynkoop

Eric Wynkoop is a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial and has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years as an advisor and planner. He has a special connection to Nepal in that the Lord directed him to travel to there in 2008 to meet a young widow named Nirmala who had just lost her husband and was raising her two year old daughter Alpha by herself. In their courtship, Eric lived in Nepal for three months to study the language so they could be engaged, as Nirmala did not speak English. That was back in 2009 and they subsequently married in 2010 and now have a son, Elijah, and a daughter, Sarah, to join Alpha, whom Eric adopted in 2011. Eric met the Wesleys during his three month courtship as they had been long time friends of Nirmala and were with her when Alpha was born and had even been praying for a husband for her and a father for Alpha. They were instrumental in their courtship and subsequent marriage, as Bob walked Nirmala down the aisle to give her away as Father and Mary was her Maid of Honor and also translated the wedding vows into Nepali so Nirmala could covenant in her own language. Since getting married in 2010, the Wynkoops have traveled twice to Nepal for extended periods, the last time in 2017 when they were able to stay for six weeks to be with family and visit friends in churches. Eric has a passion for the gospel and enjoys preaching in churches and had a number of occasions on his last visit to do this. They live in Kansas City, Missouri and are a part of the Forerunner Christian Fellowship and the International House of Prayer there and lead a small group in their home as part of the church.

United Kingdom Side

Diane Bell

Diane Bell is UK representative of Wesleys Int’l. She has a professional background of working as a fostering officer for Social Care in West Yorkshire England. She got her BA with honors I Applied Social Studies and a CQSW (certificate of qualification I social work)-­‐ from University of Bradford, UK. She is also a Charis Bible College graduate, England and travels to teach and equip the body of Christ. In 1999 Diane got the vision of providing foster families for abandoned children living on the streets. Her invaluable experiences of foster care in England are being adapted to the context of to answer the greater need of raising children. She is able to testify to the way in which our work meets the needs of the children and transforms not only their lives but, we are confident, will transform generations to come.


Joshua Daniel

Joshua Daniel, Director for Asia for Wesleys Int’l joins our team with the vast knowledge of mission and experiences in dealing with today’s world biggest challenge regarding children. He himself had a bad childhood, which made him to decide to be a blessing. He ran out of the house at the age of 14 lived a life of a beggar and street child for 2 yrs. During this time he came to know the value of life. He faced so many issues and came to know how hard life is without parents or relatives especially without any love. After realizing He came back home and finished his studies and got that burden to care for the street children. At the age of 20, he started small events of helping slum kids, conducting awareness programs and started an orphanage in North India in 2011 and worked, training many people the importance of children. In 2014 he went to Africa and started an orphanage there. But than when he saw the kids in orphanages, lacking the love of families, his whole idea of raising children in orphanages changed. He knew children should be raised in families meeting their every need while growing. He is a graduate of Rehma Bible Institute, Shillong, Meghalaya, India and got his Theological Degree from Maranatha Bible College in India. He also has 10 years of experience in dealing with the children at risk.