There are approximately 30,000 street children in Nepal, living in dangerous, dirty conditions, resulting in untreated illnesses and injuries. They suffer from lack of emotional care, food, shelter and safety, and are exploited and abused, often forced to resort to begging, drugs or prostitution to survive.  Our aim is to place orphaned and abandoned children who have experienced the hardship and abuse of surviving on the streets into Nepali families. A form of fostering has happened previously in Nepal but was always adult needs based and did not fit the concept of foster care that we adhere to. For instance, people in Nepal often take a child into their home as a household servant but this fails to answer the needs of the child and is effectively exploitative

Our Work with these children comprises of 4 Stages:

  • A street outreach/feeding programme,
  • a small group home,
  • a foster family,
  • and for some older children we offer skills development training too.

This is how we do it:

The Feeding Shelter

The first phase is our Feeding Shelter, which is our outreach to the hungry where beggars and street children come to eat a plate of good nutritious food. This program runs from Monday to Friday and, as well as feeding the body, it is a meeting place where the children can share their problems and feel listened to, accepted and protected. This place is a starting point for them to potentially escape past abuse and begin to embrace the bright future God has prepared for them and their broken families. Our staff members working in this outreach are all well trained in handling these children, feeding, helping, encouraging and supporting them and thereby ushering them back into society.

The Rescue Home

The next phase is our Rescue Home, which provides a safe haven for abused children, a short term facility where children go to experience family life, and from which they are often placed into a foster family of their own. The rescue home exists to provide a safe, loving environment in which children can begin to heal from past abuse and trauma. Here children are gradually set free from the desperate lifestyle of the street and can begin a normal life which includes attending school and just simply being a child again within a caring family unit.


We highly value the fostering system under which we operate, where children can reach their full potential. Foster care, family based provision, is the central focus of all that we do. Scripture says God will “put the lonely into families” and that he “brings out those who are bound with chains”. Our foster families are recruited, selected, assessed and trained to provide an effective, therapeutic alternative to orphanages, children’s homes and other institutions. They are also supervised and supported to ensure the children are kept safe and well cared for. Our intention is that children gain a sense of security, belonging, permanency, identity and self esteem brought on by affirmation as a family member. Within a loving family environment we aim to ensure that every aspect of their needs are met and they grow up to reach their potential.

Skills Development & Training

Not every child is able to start an education, and for some it is too late to be placed into a foster family. So, occasionally, we provide skills training and support to equip them so that they can find work. This is geared to the particular young person’s individual needs.


How than shall they ask for help if they do not know there is any hope for them? And how shall they believe that  anybody will hear their cry? And how shall they cry without somebody going and telling that there is hope for them.

Therefore we value Love in Action because it is the best solution to today’s challenging problems if we all touch a life with love.

How beautiful are the feet of them that bring good news of peace. We can be hands and feet of God and bring hope to
the hopeless.

We are created above the animal and we all have the right to be fruitful and multiply and enjoy life. This is only possible when we are given chance in life.

We exist so that children at risk, regardless of their caste, religion and color get a fair opportunity to start a new life.

Like ND and Chocolate boy, second chance gives hope and courage to be happy, blessed and prosper.